About Us

From the moment I saw the gorgeous multicoloured baskets from Madagascar I fell in love with them. I knew that many more people would love to own at least one or bless someone. I shared with my friends and family and they shared with their circle of influence and boom that was the beginning of this business.

With the business growing my marketing friend suggested that we give this business  a cute name. Being a creative she came up with the name Modmadie because they are modern and made with love. That was it!  They became a hit especially with teachers and as a Christmas or random gift everywhere including markets.

Then Covid19 came and changed everything. Modmadie had to go online to survive since all the physical platforms were locked down. We then decided to add some modern, proudly South African  products to the  Modmadie family like designer sandals and full grain genuine leather  accessories. We promise to source and supply  modern products  made with love to make you and your loved ones smile and come back for more.